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A convenient titanium-mediated intermolecular alkyne–carbonate coupling reaction

A. Wolan, F. Cadoret, Y. Six

Tetrahedron 2009, 65, 7429–7439.

Diastereoselective Ti-mediated preparation of bicyclic aminocyclopropanes from N-alkenyl amides

C. Madelaine, A. K. Buzas, J. A. Kowalska-Six, Y. Six, B. Crousse

Tetrahedron Lett. 2009, 50, 5367–5371.

Intramolecular Kulinkovich–de Meijere reactions of various disubstituted alkenes bearing amide groups

C. Madelaine, N. Ouhamou, A. Chiaroni, E. Vedrenne, L. Grimaud, Y. Six

Tetrahedron 2008, 64, 8878–8898.

Electrochemical Aerobic Oxidation of Aminocyclopropanes to Endoperoxides

C. Madelaine, Y. Six, O. Buriez

Angew. Chem. 2007, 119, 8192–8195; Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2007, 46, 8046–8049.

Diisopropyloxy(η2-cyclopentene)titanium for the diastereoselective synthesis of various 1,2-disubstituted cyclopentanes

F. Cadoret, P. Retailleau, Y. Six

Tetrahedron Lett. 2006, 47, 7749–7753.

The intramolecular aromatic electrophilic substitution of aminocyclopropanes prepared by the Kulinkovich-de Meijere reaction

L. Larquetoux, N. Ouhamou, A. Chiaroni, Y. Six

Eur. J. Org. Chem. 2005, 4654–4662.

(article highlighted by Synfacts: Synfacts 2006, 22)

Product Class 8: Aryl Ketones

J.-M. Campagne, Y. Six

in Science of Synthesis, J. Cossy, Ed.; Thieme: Stuttgart (2005); Vol. 26, pp. 989–1044.

A study of some molecularly imprinted polymers as protic catalysts for the isomerisation of α-pinene oxide to trans-carveol

W. B. Motherwell, M. J. Bingham, J. Pothier, Y. Six

Tetrahedron 2004, 60, 3231–3241.

Titanium-mediated carboxylation of alkynes with carbon dioxide

Y. Six

Eur. J. Org. Chem. 2003, 1157–1171.

(article highlighted on the journal cover)

On the importance of xanthate substituents in the MADIX process

M. Destarac, D. Taton, S. Z. Zard, T. Saleh, Y. Six

A.C.S. Symposium Series 2003, 854, 536–550.

The reaction of dialkoxytitanacyclopropanes and dialkoxytitanacyclopropenes with carbon dioxide

Y. Six

J. Chem. Soc., Perkin Trans. 1 2002, 1159–1160.

A concise synthesis of an advanced Clerodin intermediate through a Vaultier tandem reaction

J.-Y. Lallemand, Y. Six, L. Ricard

Eur. J. Org. Chem. 2002, 503–513.

Recent progress in the design and synthesis of artificial enzymes

W. B. Motherwell, M. J. Bingham, Y. Six

Tetrahedron 2001, 57, 4663–4686.

A new approach to cyclohexenes and related structures

N. Cholleton, I. Gauthier-Gillaizeau, Y. Six, S. Z. Zard

Chem. Commun. 2000, 535–536.

An improvement to the Vaultier tandem sequence: a practical highly stereoselective three-component reaction

Y. Six, J.-Y. Lallemand

Tetrahedron Lett. 1999, 40, 1295–1296.

1,3-Dienylboronates in Diels-Alder reactions: Part III

P.-Y. Renard, Y. Six, J.-Y. Lallemand

Tetrahedron Lett. 1997, 38, 6589–6590.

What is the reason for the difference in Diels-Alder reactivity of isomeric substituted dienes ?
A case involving 1,3-dienylboronates

G. Ohanessian, Y. Six, J.-Y. Lallemand

Bull. Soc. Chim. Fr. 1996, 133, 1143–1148.